WordPress Guts With PDF & Video

What Does WordPress offer?

  • Volunteers from around the world working on free software for you
  • Resources that can only point your business or niche in the right direction
  • Content management like no other platform out there
  • You the ability to create a professional website in an hour or less
  • Top of the line free software and free plugins

An introduction to “What WordPress is?” can be found here WordPress.org. Do not be discouraged If you are new to WordPress, I know it looks like something from outer space.

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You Can Switch To A WordPress Site

If you already have a self hosted or free website, you will need to transfer all your files and photos. This process can be done through your web host. I know it sounds scary, but don’t worry you can do it!

You will need to do your best to match up the URL’s of your existing site to your new WordPress website. This will help keep your rankings with search engines like Google.

Benefits Of A Business WordPress Site

You want your website to look good when potential clients or bloggers visit, right? If your business has been struggling to get that phone ringing or your blog has no appeal WordPress will give you a fighting chance. There are simple steps to get your WordPress website up and running, before you can tell the world.

Since there are so many opportunities presented on the internet, a great way to start the process is building a WordPress website for your business. If you have a business and no website you are losing! Every niche needs a website to be found these days, and the great content you have will do the trick! Let’s get started.

Blue Host Website Hosting


The first steps are to get web hosting and a domain for your new WordPress site. If you already have a domain simply point it from its location to BlueHost, they can walk you through this process.

You can simply click on the BlueHost banner located on this site. After you have captured a domain and hosting, you need to download WordPress. The technical support at BlueHost will be able to walk you through this also, usually takes five to ten minutes.

Elegant Themes

Your WordPress site is the first impression of you and appearance is a good thing, right? After downloading the free WordPress website software, you need to find you a beautiful template that will suit your business. True you can find free themes on the internet, but none will make your site look great!

When deciding the over-all look of your site, consider WordPress Themes Gallery , they are absolutely amazing! They too have a team that offer great support for every theme.

Offering 70+ themes for $69 per year (divide that by 12 months), so if you install one theme and decide you want a different look, change it!

WordPress Guts Workshop With Video