Keyword research is the most neglected job on the internet. Thus, the reason most website owners either get no traffic or complain they are not getting found. There are several ways to get your business or site found with simple keyword research.


1. Keyword Research

To get your site ranked higher and found, this time consuming process is a must or you can buy software that can do most of this for you. You must have some knowledge of web search and this section will help you with keyword research.


Google’s Keyword Tool feature can help you find results for keywords and phrases:

Click theĀ Tools and Analysis tab and proceed as follows:

  • Type your keyword in quotes: “your keyword” and you will see the results.
  • Type your keyword phrase allintitle:”your keyword phrase” and notice how many results come up for each phrase.

Your aim is to find the lowest keyword phrase competition as possible. But not too low, otherwise you will not rank for first page results.

Notice the various categories:

  • Competition – Click on Competition and choose the search level for your keyword
  • Global Monthly Searches
  • Local Monthly Searches
  • CPC (Cost per click) – This is an estimated value of words advertisers use

Researching how other people are using keyword phrases on their website pages, this will help your SEO efforts. Keyword research would be a waste of time if you use words that are highly competitive or do not get enough results. Focus on one page at a time, test-test-and test again.


2. Keyword Investigating


Keyword investigating is one of the most important ways to get your site found. You have performed a web search for a product or service before, so this will be a breeze. You are knowledgeable enough about your niche, and the words are waiting at your fingertips.

Let’s say you are looking for a plumber in your area. This is how it would look: “Plumber Minneapolis Minnesota“, and a list of plumbers will show up in the search result, along with the number of searches for the inquiry. Which plumber are you going to call first?

Your goal here is to find what people are searching for. This is a great way to find titles and content for your website pages also.


3. Other Keyword Tips


There are many on page solutions when performing keyword research. Your domain name is one of them. It does not have to match the name of your niche, but should reflect it.

This domain was available for Ring Lawn Care:
  •–“Lawn Care” being a keyword, this type of keyword research has boosted this sites search rankings significantly.
This domain was available for RingahDing :
  •“RingahDing”, find a domain closely relating to your niche.
Another one would be URL’s something like this:
  • this is great, because you could use this in a HTML file document.

Distributing your keywords and phrases on your pages should be performed in a sprinkled fashion. Your keyword research will be rewarded when you link keywords and phrases to other pages on your site. The longer you can keep readers thumbing through your pages, the better your analytics performance will be.

SEO takes time and effort to be successful, not doing any keyword research will leave a hole in your website. So why would you not take the time to do it right the first time?

Google Keyword Tool is a great way to find the keywords you are searching for, but is not the only resource:



What keyword research strategies are you implementing?