Custom WordPress Website Creation

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Will The Website Building Process Break The Bank?

How much do you think a professional WordPress business website costs to build? Calculate what a web design could cost to you. Yes there are websites that can be very costly, but I will work with you to keep those costs low.


Monthly Website Maintenance

WordPress Website Building

WordPress offers unbelievable functionality that other content management systems cannot provide. The endless possibilities can jump-start any business. Many people have the misconception that website building is a just slap the thing together and hope your business gets found.

If that was the case we would not have to build a business website to get our name branded. WordPress website building is a process of ideas, planning and keyword research.

WordPress website building requires easy navigation, a beautiful design and most importantly your input in the process. The overall planning and design of your site will prevent major overhauling and re-editing.

How is Your Current Website Doing?
  • Do you currently know where your website ranks amongst your competitors?
  • Has it been fully optimized?
  • Are you not getting the traffic or phone calls you expected?

Website Building

Website building is a true passion I have, and I take each project very seriously. There are some really great web designs on the internet and not so great ones!

Social Media

Social media has become the new way of communicating for today’s culture and business world. If you have not developed a social media strategy for your business, you still have some time to catch up to your competitors. Certainly you have heard of one of these , Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, right?

These profiles are that of my Lawn Care Company, take a peek and see how I am doing. Some platforms work well for particular niche’s, but all can be utilized for any business. Ask yourself this question; Why would Google produce a platform for businesses and people to socialize?


Even the “Great Ones” have missed some simple search engine optimization opportunities that could move their site up the Google, Yahoo and Bing rankings. Search engines all matter when attempting conversion rates. The one that matters the most is —> Google

SEO is a word that can scare people who do not know what its true meaning is. Sure we need quality content relating to our pages. Yes Google will most likely penalize those who do not follow their rules.

WordPress Website Building Steps

These are basic steps to get the website building process rolling.

  1. Domain
  2. Web hosting
  3. WordPress installation and theme upload
  4. Content for web pages/images
  5. Sign up for Google Analytics; add code to your site
  6. Submit a site map
  7. Business Listing (Local)



modern desk with laptopWebsite building can be a daunting task if you have not yet attempted this. If you are a business owner and need a website contact me for a free consultation.

24 hour responseThere are website builders that are very reachable and you have just found one. If something goes wrong with your site or you have questions, I will respond in less than 24 hours.